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The foundation

Participa Foundation, created in 2015, is an expression of the Corporate Social Responsibility of the consultant OstosSola, and in particular it is born from the vocation and commitment of its partners to promote and motivate general public participation, because we believe that every individual or associate has something unique to contribute to the development and progress of society.

Participa Fundation promotes transparency and good governance, citizen participation and social innovation to transform our world.

We understand that it is, through a conscious, competent, reliable, and collaborative participation of the general public, how corruption is eradicated, the political regeneration of institutions is promoted, institutional strengthening is achieved. and democracy is consolidated, in order to move towards a more open, more efficient, and more solidary society that allows achieving sustainable economic development, inclusive of social development and integral human development.

We have a preferential scope of action in Europe and Latin America, without this action being limited geographically, because we live in a globalized world.